Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Eid and Some Eidn't

Today, some Gazans celebrated the Eid
And some didn't
Today, some made it to the Eid
And some didn't
Today, some went to the churchque
And some didn't
Today, some went to the gift shop
And some didn't
And returned from the gift shopping
And some didn't
Today some families ate
And some didn't
Today, some families drank water
And some didn't
Today, some had the Eid cake 
And some didn't
Today, some distributed sweets
And some didn't
Today, some visited relatives
And some didn't
Today, some found their relatives
And some didn't
Today, some children wore new clothes
And some didn't
Today, some gifts were opened
And some weren't
Today, some children saw their friends
And some didn't
Today, some children went to play on the swings
And some didn't
Today, some children returned from the swings
And some didn't!

Any Moment Now!

may die as an adult
An adolescent
A child
An infant
I may die as a fetus

You may still live to the end of time
But you will always have fears
You will always have apprehensions
You will always have anxieties
You will always live in angst
You will always live in panic
You will always live in restlessness
And you will never let yourself live in peace, die in peace, or rest in peace

I may die tomorrow from your bullets
I may die today from your bombs
I may die now from your all your weapons
I may die any moment now from your mighty military machine
I may not die in peace, but I will rest in peace!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Peacemonger and The Warmonger

"A Q&A between a peacemonger and a warmonger-AKA, Bully, Bebe, Ben"

WM: I feel euphoric
I feel victorious
I've never felt happier in my life! 
PM: Why? 
WM: I am just having fun with all the toys I have, I am using whatever I can get my hands on, all types weapon from the air, ground, from the sea, chemical weapons, new bullets, old bullets, you name it.
PM: Why would you do that? 
WM: I heard stories about couple of our kids got lost in the west bank, we couldn't find the perpetrators so I accused the Palestinians of kidnapping them and killing them, we burned one of their kids alive, we almost killed another one by beating him for hours in return and then they started throwing flimsy rockets onto us.  
PM: So you started a war? 
WM: Of course, I have been itching for a war with someone for sometime now, I have this pile of weapons and I need to test and see their effectiveness and the soldiers are bored to death. I tried to have a fight with Iran, but it got more complicated. This Gaza thing is an easy target, it is next door, in and out kind of a thing. I can come up with fake excuses, fabricate lies, make up phony justifications, you know. 
PM: No, I don't know! So who believes you? 
WM: Everybody, especially the US, they can't argue with me, we just say we need to defend ourselves and they will drop everything they have to help us with anything. I tell them, they throw rockets, kidnap our people and kill them, but I really don't need anyone to believe me, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I am the judge, the jury, and the executor. 
You are living in a delusional world, these are lives not characters in a video game. 
That's the beauty of this, I am the director of this whole video game, the climax and the suspense are so exhilarating and I feel great. You know, I just love to mess with Gaza, it is small, I can demolish the whole strip in couple of hours and the whole world can't do anything about it. I also want to teach them a lesson or two, that's if they survive this whole thing. My favorite targets are children, women, pregnant women, mothers, fathers, old people, young people, grandparents, animals, anything in my sight. I am hitting schools, hospitals, clinics, health centers, houses, mosques, churches, empty fields, filled field, shelters, markets, green land, dry land, you name it. I pounding them non stop, in the day, night, while collecting water, at dusk, at dawn and if there was more time in the day or night, I would keep going. I guess they have this annual ritual of fasting or something, not sure, and that's the best time, when they are preparing for the fast, breaking the fast and praying, when it is all quite and here I come from nowhere showering them with bombs and rattle the earth beneath them. You should see them screaming, crying, running, confused, disoriented, they didn't know what hit them, how it hit them or where it came from.
PM: When are you going to stop this? 
WM: I don't know and I don't care, this is just the beginning, because you see, it is now or never. I want to silence them forever and with all the powers I have, I am going to wipe them off the face of the earth!
PM: You know that this is a vicious cycle, you are killing innocent people....
WM: That's their fault....
And you are killing your people too....
WM: What? We are invincible and can't be touched....
PM: You know, sometimes, you need to take a moment and look deep into your inner soul to see that it is filled with darkness, bitterness, malice, and animosity towards humanity, a moment to look inside your heart to see that it is filled with hatred, anger, aggression, and vengeance towards humanity, a moment to look inside your mind to see that it is filled with ignorance, arrogance, egotism, and disregard to humanity. Sometimes, you need to open your eyes and see that you are covered with blood, and to open your ears and listen to the cries of children and mothers echoing in your ears. Sometimes, you need to cry, smile, and laugh, you do, but for other reasons. You Know, to become a human, It only takes a blink of an eye, a breath, and a heart beat. If you just try, you will see how beautiful it is, how comforting it is, how peaceful it is, breathtaking it is, and invigorating it is. If you just try, but you won't, you will take the effortless route, the obvious path, and the road of destruction and terror, because of who you are and because that's what coward creatures do. The peace concept to you is to piece up people and peace to the people is to rest in peace